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Composed and performed for the Kenbe La Foundation thanks to: Paul Dodge, Kurnel MC, Lisa Tomlins & MikaBen ©2011.

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Verse 1 Kenbe La
Listen, this could happen to your kid…
Wake up and ya life collapsin
Everything around you is fallin, crashin
Didn’t have much but now they got nothin,
Except for hope, doesnt that mean something?
They screamin we got no leaders
How can we learn if we got no teachers?
Where can I sleep if my home in pieces?
Who gonna help if the world can’t reach us?
The answer is loud and clear You and me it starts right here
Give back to the ones in need
Turn those nightmares into dreams
So we can help them through their fight
We can reach into their lives
Everyone stand side by side
Unity starts with U N I
Verse 2 L’Union Fait la Force x 4
Open ya heart
Open ya mind
Listen up people now is the time
To make that difference, make that stand
You got the power Its in your hands
These children are holding on
Believing one day they can stand strong
Be free to express themselves,
Picture that, I can see it now
Educated young Haitians Rebuilding a strong foundation
Creating a brand new nation
Standing tall, and makin statements,
Like, Hello world, here we are,
One proud culture saying
Kenbe La! yea!
So come on world here we are
Everybody now singing out Kenbe La!
Verse 3 L’Union Fait la Force x 4 – Mika Ben
Sak Pase? Nap Boule! (x4)
We know unity creates strength
Now its time we start a movement
So, do it fi di children alone
Do it fi di children alone yeeeeeah…
Never give up – Kenbe La

Paul Dodge, Kurnel MC, Lisa Tomlins ©2011

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